Sunparks, De Haan 09

Back from the coast, De Haan. It was a nice, relaxing weekend at Sunparks. We didn't do much more than swimming, having long walks at the beach, bowling and eating, but it was welcome. Indeed, it felt like vacation, just what I needed.

If I had the choice I would've gone to Gent too.. I'll surely do this some other time.

Some pictures:


Some beautiful, sleeping birds in the main building of Sunparks. 



I didn't know it, but Sunparks offers a lot of things to do. Squash, swimming, mini-golf, pool, kids fun, kicker, etc.. Great to go with children. (No, I'm not sponsored :-)



Some typical sea-food on a booth in Ostend.



Yes, the sea.. the beach and luckily.. the sun!



Striking a pose with Akira and Vincent.



Akira looks a very littlebit like the church in Ostend. Especially the ears..




Carnival at Blankenberge was so different than carnival at Limburg. Meaning: lots of fun, not so much beer, veeeeerry much confetti, hardly no candy, beautiful groups which all had beautiful clothes and danses to show.. I found out that there was a public price for the best group, that explains a lot.



Bowling, love it!



I don't want to brag, but.. I was the winner with 125 points.. :-)

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