Christmas Holiday!

Yes! Finally Christmas holiday, I love this time of the year; so cosy inside en cold outside, time for myself and my loved ones, maybe snow?, christmas decorations,...

We also booked our winterholiday!

Date: 26th of December 'till 2th of January

Place: Les Deux Alpes, France

Event: Snowboard and have a fun time!

Looking forward to it!


Picture: Les Deux Alpes Mondial (www.mondialduski.com)

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Although it's -20°C outside, Akira LOVES to play in the snow and being out there..






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A Sunday at the Ardennen..

Last Sunday we had the great idea of doing a hiking tour in the snow @ the Ardennen with Akira. The 'Hoge Venen' was our destiny.


The landscape was beautiful and we were walking for about half an hour when a huge (well, kind of) snow-storm approached. It was SO SO cold.. (-5°C) Wind was scratching on our faces and the road became more and more covered with snow.


We wanted to go a little bit further to the city of Malmédy but C couldn't get out of his parking spot. After a struggle with the nature, we managed to drive on. Here you can see the remains of that struggle..


On the radio we heard that the highways were closed due to the bad weather.. So we had to take the small roads through the 'mountains'. And if some of you have been there, you know that it's kind of steep and full of bends. A nightmare and truely beasty weather..


After 5(!) hours of driving at 10 km/h we finally arrived at home.. jeeej!


Hurray for snow!

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