Rockfest Schaffen 2009

Last weekend there was a nice (small) festival @ Schaffen:


Look here for a line-up (click to enlarge):


My favourite was definately Silverstein, wow, they sounded just like their albums, what a great performance. It also seemed that the rest of the crowd loved them too.

Silverstein is a five-piece post-hardcore band from Canada whose music is sometimes labeled as screamo, though the band, particularly drummer Paul Koehler, rejects the screamo label.The band name was taken from the famous children's author Shel Silverstein.(Ref. Wikipedia)

Also discovered some nice new (to me) bands like Horse the Band, Failsafe and Deez Nuts.Norma Jean was a little dissapointing..

To me it was a great evening, other festivals will have a hard time beating this one!


To end my post: a clip of one of the great songs of Silverstein: "Your Sword vs. My Dagger"


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