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Beautiful Picture 5

Zuma Beach_ California

Zuma Beach, California

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The story of Hachiko (Akita)

This is such a sad story.. Read it and/or watch the movie.. I always have tears in my eyes when I see it. 

A statue of a famous Akita stands in front of the JR train station in Harajuku Japan (Tokyo district). The bronze statue is well known and is often used as a meeting place for the many young people who frequent this area, "See you at Hachiko on Saturday at noon".

Hachiko is more than a statue or a tale, he was a real dog who's story is known throughout Japan and the world today. The word Hachiko has come to be synonymous with loyalty, and for good reason.


-Story of Hachiko the Akita dog-

In 1920 Dr. Ueno was a professor at the Tokyo university, from where he used to travel by train to his residence. Together with his dog "Hachiko", he would walk to the Shibuya Station. Everyday at 15 p.m., Hachiko would return to meet his master as he returned on the afternoon train.

In 1925 professor Ueno died from a stroke while at the university and never returned home. After his death his wife sold their home as she prepared to move. She gave the dog to some friends nearby who agreed to care for Hachiko but it would not last. Hachiko soon departed his new home and returned to the station and the old home where he continued to follow the routine and await his master's return.

People were so moved and impressed by the dog’s faithfulness that they took to feeding him and giving him water. News travelled and soon people were coming expressly to Shibuya Station to feed and pet and to have the privilege of saying that they had seen and touched Hachiko.

Years rolled on and Hachiko became crippled with arthritis and barely able to walk, but he would return each morning and afternoon in search of his master.

Until March 7, 1935, when Hachiko was found dead at the station on the spot where he had waited for so many years.


-Video of Hachiko-



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Beautiful Picture 4


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Beautiful Picture 3


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Mijn restaurant

As a big fan of the television program 'Mijn Restaurant' I'm very curious who'll win the contest.
For those of u who lived on a different planet the last months: "Mijn Resaurant" is a cooking program between 5 couples and with that also between 5 Flemish provinces.
The final will be played between Leuven and Hasselt. My favourite is Hasselt, because if they win, C and I will go and eat there someday.. I hope!
And also because it's Limburg ofcourse :-)
More news on Thursday with the results of the finals!



UPDATE: Hasselt lost from Leuven.. :-(
Leuven can keep their restaurant for free, the other ones have to buy their restaurant or they'll loose it.
Well, than i'll go and eat in Leuven, no problem! :-)

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Beautiful Picture 2


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