Saturday and Sunday my babysitfamily went a weekend away, so they asked me to watch their children that time. I slept there on Saturday, had to play with the youngest kid and had to take care of their meals.

The family has 3 children; Martin (9 y.o.), Noémie (16 y.o.) and Nathan (17 y.o.). Ok, I shouldn't call it 'BABYsitting', but I'm going there sinds they were only small kids and I'm used to say it.

With Martin I played a lot of games, Monopoly, Jenga, Quartet and Hotel. We also made a piece of art of Véronique the Cocq.. It was Martin's idea.. :-)



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Children of the K/Corn

Friday the 26th of september, when I was teaching at the 2th grade, miss Marleen (from the 1st class) and I decided to have a walk in the sun with the classes.

At Hoeselt, there happened to be a maze of corn. (maïsdoolhof). We thought it would be nice to go there. And nice it was. It was really special to walk in between the cornfield.

The children liked it, they were in the nature and we had beautiful weather, perfect!









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Yesterday I played singstar, just to pass the monday-evening-time.

Editions 'Legends' and 'Rocks!' passed by. My challenger was good, but I was better :-)

With the song Wind of change by the Scorpions (great song, by the way) I had my best highscore ever!

Yeah, I'm a real singstar.. *haha*

If you want this too, you have to play singstar right after a visit with the dentist. Have the 2 sides of your mouth dazed and sing like you never sung before :-)



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Busy weekend

1. Friday we had a special surprise birthday-party for Hubert, Cedric's father who became 50. It really was a nice party with about 70 people, lots of dancing and delicious dessert.. Pictures will certainly follow..

2. Saturday, during the day, we went to Bert3 at Borgerhout to pick up some pieces for Cedric's type 3. (The car that broke down while going to Bug Jam). The restauration can begin and hopefully we'll be able to drive in it again very soon..



3. On saturday evening Cedric an I went to my brother and Annemies house to play Mario Kart on their Wii. That was so fun! Not easy but I guess with some practice I'll be even good at it next time :-)



4. Later that evening we played the MB game 'Hotel'.. (untill 2 in the evening!) who was the ultimate winner?

5. Sunday. I'm sitting behind my computer, working on my blog and preparing the lessons to teach at school. Later I'm going to take a bath and have a walk with Akira.

Just a relaxing day.. just as nice as a busy day.

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Happy Birthday Cedric!

Today my love is celebrating his birthday..

So Cedric.. this one's for you!


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Finally work!

Yes! It finally happend (after 1,5 weeks extra vacation), i have a job!

It's only untill the end of september (maybe longer), so it's an interim job. But I'm glad I could start my schoolyear in front of a class.

Today was my first (half) day in the 2th class @ Beverst (Bilzen). I'll be teaching maths, spelling, writing, French, religion and so on..

Glad to go to work, can you say that too? :-) 


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Dag van de hond (day of the dog)

Sunday it was a special day for all the dog-lovers and their dogs. In Hasselt you could go to a day that was totally dedicated to dogs.

The best thing about it was that you could see lots of different dogs and you could exchange hints and information. There also were expositions of dog-dance, hunting, police-dogs and much more..






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