100% Work!

Today was a confusing day for me. First I got the news that my job in the 2th grade was prolonged with one week.

Later that day I got a telephone that this job wasn't for me anymore but that I was chosen to teach in that same school untill the end of the schoolyear in another class..

YES! Finally certainty about one thing.. feels good.. I can't wait to start this Monday..


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100% Friendship!

Yesterday I had a nice evening, all thanks to you Katrien.. Big kiss for you, you really mean a lot to me.. I guess all the people that listen to the name Katrien are great..

To express my gratitude.. here a nice picture of you, me, Annemie, Annelies and Els. Anno 2004 @ Bulgaria.. GREAT times!


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Akita Obedience(?)

My Akira is  almost 11 months now. I'm going to the dogschool for about 8 months.  The faithfull readers of my blog know that she's been promovated to the B-class. I'll show you what we learn at the dogschool. You see the commands 'sit', 'lay down', 'stay down', 'stand' and 'sit in front'. The last one is still difficult for her :-)

You'll also see how far Akira's obedience goes. When there is even the slightest distraction (in this case, it's my father who arrives at home), she doesn't listen anymore. Or maybe she is just alert.. :-)

Have a look:


In the next video she's only 11 weeks.. How small she was then! But even than she was already learning to 'apport': bringing the stick back to the person who has thrown it.


And in this last video she was just a few days at home. So that made her 8 weeks. So carefull and attentive.. Wasn't she adorable? Well, she still is ofcourse :-)

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Bilzer Karting


Saturday I had a nice evening with Katrien and her sister Stefanie. At about 19.30 we went...

KARTING @ Bilzen! Wow, I never expected I would ever do this. It was Katrien's wild idea, she likes it very much. I was nervous and not that good at it.. (I was last).. but at least I had a great time. Stefanie was very good, she became 2th and no, it wasn't out of the 3 of us, there actually were other people too :-)

I'm looking forward to going a next time.. this Saturday maybe?

And what a privilege you get when 3 ladies go there ;-)

(Thank you Katrien and Stefanie for getting me through the Saturday-evening.. Your cocktails were great too, but next time.. I'll take other ones!)





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New start of the Dogschool


Today was Akira's first dogschool after more than a month silence. She was 'on heat' as they say.. it wouldn't be a good idea to let her between the male dogs.

I was a little bit afraid to go back, because she grew a lot and although she had her practice everyday on the postures, the walking and the obedience, she didn't practice on her 'weak side'; other dogs!

In the beginning it was a complete disaster, she didn't want to listen to me and she had to interfere with all the (new) dogs.

But when she was seperated in her B-class, she did so so so well. She was amazing.. I'm really proud of her. And myself ofcourse :-)



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Why quitting?

Well what can I say..

I'm SO glad that there are people in my life who really care about me.

A real friend is there for you when you're having fun, but also when you're sad. In fact, those are the moments that you know who is real and who isn't.. I'm touched by everyone who was there for me in this difficult week.

A big thank you! For the encouraging words, for being there for me, for the mails, the comments.. (even to the people that don't know me well)

And although I'm still not feeling well, I was thinking..


Why would I stop blogging when I'm feeling down. Blogging is something I love to do and that I really enjoy.. why quitting?

I guess I'm back here.. maybe in a different way, but still LaSofia!

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Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.


I know the quote above is easy to say and I really feel that it's so damn hard to think like that..

My heart is torn apart right now.. I think I'm going to stop blogging for a while..

I'll be back one day.. maybe..

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