Rockfest Schaffen 2009

Last weekend there was a nice (small) festival @ Schaffen:


Look here for a line-up (click to enlarge):


My favourite was definately Silverstein, wow, they sounded just like their albums, what a great performance. It also seemed that the rest of the crowd loved them too.

Silverstein is a five-piece post-hardcore band from Canada whose music is sometimes labeled as screamo, though the band, particularly drummer Paul Koehler, rejects the screamo label.The band name was taken from the famous children's author Shel Silverstein.(Ref. Wikipedia)

Also discovered some nice new (to me) bands like Horse the Band, Failsafe and Deez Nuts.Norma Jean was a little dissapointing..

To me it was a great evening, other festivals will have a hard time beating this one!


To end my post: a clip of one of the great songs of Silverstein: "Your Sword vs. My Dagger"


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School party! 10th of May.

The 10th of May, our school has a 'spring party'. That means that all the grades have to perform a dance for the audience (in this case the parents and other family).

Because we heb over 80 children in the 6th grade only, we decided to split them into boys and girls. The male teachers practise with the boys, and we, ladies, practise with the girls. Fun fun fun, totally my thing :-)

We have to dance on Queen's 'I want to break free'.. not easy to make this song interesting.. After 2,5 minutes we mix this song into Big Ali's 'Hit the Floor'. It's so cool, if you ask me.. I hope I get the chance to post a video of them.

Here are some pictures, I think my girls do great!




Happy Birthday, Katelijne!


Last Saturday Katelijne celebrated her 27th birthday! The party was held in Cafè Latino @ Hasselt. Really delicious and cosy!

At about 23h30 the tables were put aside and the restaurant became a dancecafé with great music. I had a great time.. birthdays are fun!


Birthday-girl Katelijne (on the right) together with Stéphanie.



At Cafè Latino.. by the way.. the Fajita con Carne was very tastefull!



Cedric and me!


Katelijne and me!


Annemie, Kris, Nathalie, Stéphanie, Katelijne, Stijn, me and Cedric.

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Skating @ Hasselt

Last Friday I went ice-skating with my pupils @ Hasselt. (Bloso, De Schaverdijn)

I was surprised that there were so many children who were very good at it. Never thought this was still popular among the youngsters. Even boys and girls from high school were veRy good at it.

It wasn't easy to take pictures, because of the light and because of the moving people.. Well, it was fun for me and them. Take a look at my 'models'.. (My boys didn't like to pose for a picture.. typical no?)







Wok Fusion Mol


Yesterday I celebrated the birthdayparty of Annelies and her friend Bart. With a big group we went eating in 'Wok Fusion' at Mol. A great Japanese restaurant with a large choice in meat, fish, salads, sausages, fruits etc... € 30 all in! Later that night we went to a café in Mol.

Annelies and Bart, it was a great evening!


No idea how to translate this to English.. maybe Sharkflippersoup? Haaienvinnensoep dus :-)



Vanessa and birthday-animal Annelies are choosing Wok or Tempanjaki-stuff.



Katrien at the dessert-buffet :-)



This was verrrrrry delicious! Love loempia's love the triangle-things, love the scampi fritti, love the.. mmm


Sunparks, De Haan 09

Back from the coast, De Haan. It was a nice, relaxing weekend at Sunparks. We didn't do much more than swimming, having long walks at the beach, bowling and eating, but it was welcome. Indeed, it felt like vacation, just what I needed.

If I had the choice I would've gone to Gent too.. I'll surely do this some other time.

Some pictures:


Some beautiful, sleeping birds in the main building of Sunparks. 



I didn't know it, but Sunparks offers a lot of things to do. Squash, swimming, mini-golf, pool, kids fun, kicker, etc.. Great to go with children. (No, I'm not sponsored :-)



Some typical sea-food on a booth in Ostend.



Yes, the sea.. the beach and luckily.. the sun!



Striking a pose with Akira and Vincent.



Akira looks a very littlebit like the church in Ostend. Especially the ears..




Carnival at Blankenberge was so different than carnival at Limburg. Meaning: lots of fun, not so much beer, veeeeerry much confetti, hardly no candy, beautiful groups which all had beautiful clothes and danses to show.. I found out that there was a public price for the best group, that explains a lot.



Bowling, love it!



I don't want to brag, but.. I was the winner with 125 points.. :-)

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De Haan!

Last day untill the schoolvacation. I'm off to the coast this weekend, back on Monday.. maybe :-)


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