Last 10 Summer Hits

Another list of 10 of my favourite summer hits all times. It's not easy to find music that is happy, a little bit latin-inspired and that reminds you of a nice summer holiday..  But I found them! So now you have 30 songs that you certainly have to play on your barbeque-party!

Listen to them and watch the hot video!

Soon: a top list of summer hits of 2008!                                        


               Summertime is here!          










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More Summer Hits!

Although the weather isn't that good today, no reason to neglect that hot summer music.. Here are 10 more of my favourite summer hits all times.

I'll be back with 10 more songs and a top list of summer hits of 2008!                                        

Let the sunshine in!                          




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Eurovision Song Contest 2008

This song contest has always been a true 'stick-to-the-television'-night for me. This year I didn't watch the final show, but I do want to put a little bit of information on my site. Because it's about music of course.. Out of this contest there are always a few good songs/artists that grow out to be very popular.
Think of: Ruslana - Wild Dances; Helena Paparizou - My number one; ABBA - Waterloo; Bucks Fizz - Making Your Mind Up; Sandra Kim - J'aime la Vie; Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now; Celine Dion - Ne partez pas sans Moi; Linda Martin - Why Me; Secret Garden - Nocturne; Katrina and the Waves - Love Shine a Light; Sertab - Every Way That I Can; Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah; Brainstorm - My Star; Urban Trad - Sanomi and so many more!

Here is the top 5 of winning countries of 2008, together with their points:

1. Russia: Dima Bilan - Believe 272
Ukraine: Ani Lorak - Shady Lady 230
3. Greece: Kalomira - Secret Combination 218
Armenia: Sirusho - Qele Qele 199
5. Norway: Maria - Hold on Be Strong 182

 My favourites were Armenia, Greece and Azerbaijan, so it's ok for me. Belgium didn't make it trough the semi finale with Ishtar - O julissi, but we're used to that..

Watch some video's here:



Ishtar - O Julissi


Winner: Dima Bilan - Believe

N° 4: Sirusho - Qele Qele
N° 3: Kalomira - Secret Combination
Elnur & Samir - Day After Day


Summer hits!


ASummerYeah! Sun is shining, it's warm and pleasant outside!
Perfect times for a barbeque, swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, etc..
And of course.. hot music! Listen to 10 of my favourite summer hits. 10 more hits of summer will be added soon:

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