Last day of the year at school..

The last day of this year, we had a real Christmas-time at school!The little children told us the christmas-story in a play and the older children had a christmas-party in their classes.

We also made a christmas work of art. In my 2th grade it was an old teddy bear, transformed in a stone statue. Really nice as I may say..

Later that day, we sang with the children on a stage and had some fun time with jenever, gluhwein and hot chocolate!

Pictures are from a parent (Carlo)

DSC_1297 (Small)

DSC_1310 (Small)

DSC_1315 (Small)

DSC_1327 (Small)

DSC_1238 (Small)

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Snow-Covered Trees, Varmland, Sweden2

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Christmas Holiday!

Yes! Finally Christmas holiday, I love this time of the year; so cosy inside en cold outside, time for myself and my loved ones, maybe snow?, christmas decorations,...

We also booked our winterholiday!

Date: 26th of December 'till 2th of January

Place: Les Deux Alpes, France

Event: Snowboard and have a fun time!

Looking forward to it!


Picture: Les Deux Alpes Mondial (www.mondialduski.com)

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The 'Sint' came to our school last week. OOOh the children were SO enthusiastic! They sang a song for the holy man and could ask him some questions. They received a big bag of candy..

And ofcourse a photograph couldn't lack on this fun day..


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