Hasselt Ziiingt 2009

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Saturday the 11th of July the 7th edition of "Hasselt Ziiingt" took place. And of course, I was there. It was a nice, rainy evening, but i liked it.

The free event took place on the Kolonel Dusartplein @ Hasselt.  It was a Flemish holiday because of the celebrating of the Battle of the Golden Spurs:

“The Battle of the Golden Spurs (Dutch: De Guldensporenslag, French: “bataille des éperons d’or”) was fought on July 11, 1302, near Kortrijk in Flanders. It is considered one of the main reasons that Dutch is the language spoken in Flanders (Belgium) today. The day is remembered every year in Flanders as the Flemish Community’s official holiday.”

Felice was the main singer,  Danny Wuyts with percussionist Peter were taking care of the music. There were 3 guest-singers, who sung their greatest hits: Wim Soutaer, Margriet Hermans en Eddy Wally!

As every year, it's a free event, followed by an afterparty with the L&M-band.

This picture was taken by a fotografer of the newspaper 'Het Belang Van Limburg'.

Hasselt ziiingt

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