Carnival 2009

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Ok, I'm not a real carnival-freak. I like to watch some processions and go to 1 or 2 parties being dressed up, but that's it.

However, I can't let this party pass without saying anything about it on this blog. So.. I'll show you my favourite carnival-song.. a real party-single I can hear during the whole year! Have a great carnival-time!


I heard this song yesterday in Lanaken. Incredible how popular this song is! Everyone who is a littlebit into carnival knows the lyrics and the moves. I heard it about 5 times yesterday and.. well, maybe I like it too.

THE carnival-song of 2009?


Adieu Carnaval! 't Is gedaan, voorbij, over...

Maar binnen een goeie 360 dagen mogen we alweer zot doen! ;-)


Gepost door: Rudi | 25-02-09

In theorie misschien wel, maar hier in Limburg gaat carnaval toch nog zeker tot eind maart door, hoor..

Gepost door: LaSofia | 25-02-09

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