Akita Obedience(?)

My Akira is  almost 11 months now. I'm going to the dogschool for about 8 months.  The faithfull readers of my blog know that she's been promovated to the B-class. I'll show you what we learn at the dogschool. You see the commands 'sit', 'lay down', 'stay down', 'stand' and 'sit in front'. The last one is still difficult for her :-)

You'll also see how far Akira's obedience goes. When there is even the slightest distraction (in this case, it's my father who arrives at home), she doesn't listen anymore. Or maybe she is just alert.. :-)

Have a look:


In the next video she's only 11 weeks.. How small she was then! But even than she was already learning to 'apport': bringing the stick back to the person who has thrown it.


And in this last video she was just a few days at home. So that made her 8 weeks. So carefull and attentive.. Wasn't she adorable? Well, she still is ofcourse :-)

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oe schattig! Hoe schattig om te zien, amai ik kon me Akira als puppie niet meer echt inbeelden, echt wel flink gegroeid, nog altijd een even hoog knuffelgehalte!!
Ze luistert toch al goed, blijven volhouden!!

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This is a youtube-message:


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Ze is inderdaad nog steeds een schatje (of eigenlijk al een hele schat). Wel leuk om ze zo eens in actie te zien. Ik kom zeker nog eens in real life kijken. :-)


Gepost door: Annelies | 10-02-09

Morgen komt uw romantisch mooi liedje op mijn blog helemaal met tekst en uitleg speciaal voor u ;-)

Groetjes & nog een fijne avond!

Gepost door: Ourlipsaresealed | 10-02-09

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