Bilzer Karting


Saturday I had a nice evening with Katrien and her sister Stefanie. At about 19.30 we went...

KARTING @ Bilzen! Wow, I never expected I would ever do this. It was Katrien's wild idea, she likes it very much. I was nervous and not that good at it.. (I was last).. but at least I had a great time. Stefanie was very good, she became 2th and no, it wasn't out of the 3 of us, there actually were other people too :-)

I'm looking forward to going a next time.. this Saturday maybe?

And what a privilege you get when 3 ladies go there ;-)

(Thank you Katrien and Stefanie for getting me through the Saturday-evening.. Your cocktails were great too, but next time.. I'll take other ones!)





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de formule-1-piloote was effen wakker geworden precies. En ik dacht dat alleen mannen dit konden.

Gepost door: air-mike | 02-02-09

wow de max, heb ik ook al altijd eens willen doen

Gepost door: maxie | 05-02-09

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