International Dogshow Genk

On 12 and 13 December there was an International Dog Show in Genk. We didn't participate with Akira, but we did take a look. Mainly to see other American and Japanese Akita's. But also because there was a large number of several breeds present.

What I didn't like were the people who were exessively formal and wearing suites from the 80's.. Some weird people there..

Here are some expressions:


First picture taken from the official site of the lkv. Winner of the group of archetyp-dogs was an American Akita. (in the middle)


PC130046So, which one will be our next dog? Another American Akita, or the Japanese Akita Inu? Earlier these dogs were called both Akita. The two breeds share a common ancestry, but it's easy to see the differences.


PC130041Hey, this one looks familiar! :-) (no, it's NOT Akira)

This is a Shiba Inu, also a very popular Japanese Dog. Very similar to the Akita Inu, but a smaller version of it.


Picnik collage

Picnik collage2

Picnik collage3

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Oh dat is niks voor mij, al die honden zijn zo groot en ik heb daar zo schrik van... :$

Gepost door: Tess | 19-12-08

Hahaha die bompa had waarschijnlijk maar één pak ;-) Dat hij al 20 jaren gebruikt om naar de dogshow te komen!

Fijn weekend en bedankt voor de kerstactiviteiten door te sturen ;-)


Gepost door: Ourlipsaresealed | 19-12-08

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